My background has always been in design and manufacture.

Leaving school, I became a craftsman at a slate quarry in the manufacture of roofing slate,  going on to become a qualified apprentice trained mechanical engineer,  I’ve also had experience as a draughtsman and design engineer.

Since working with my father on bespoke design and manufacture projects,  I have been keen to continue with lifelong learning in this field for over 30 years now.  I continue to embrace new technologies, picking up further skills and tools.

I’m  an artist,  photographer,  and an engineer.  Having a good eye and a clear understanding of constructional concepts,  these blend to give solid satisfying results to anything I take on.

I love to see what can be.  Our lives are full of function and practicalities, and to a degree, have to be..  but if I can add aesthetics and ergonomics into the mix, then I can add a little harmony too.

If you have something that you feel I could help you with, get in touch,  and we will see what Woodnewt could do for you.