Garden chair re-fit

Some garden chairs had naturally come to the end of their 12yr life, with the plastic sling seat becoming brittle and ripping due to Ultraviolet light deterioration.   The steel chair frames, were still in reasonably good shape. 

With a bit of thought, a re-design, a few stainless steel screws, a tin of paint, and wood ripped from 3” x 2” CLS timber, the project began.

 The chair on the left is a surviving chair.. looking rather tired after 12 years sitting in a garden exposed to the elements.

The chair in the middle is part finished, the frame was dis-assembled, re-painted, and re-assembled, I secured the seat slats using stainless steel self tapping pan head screws and the screw holes were finished with wooden plugs glued into the screw holes.

The chair on the right is fully finished, sanded down and stained with weatherproof treatment.

The paint used was a weather resistant smooth metal black paint.

Once complete, the homeowner took joy being seated beside a chiminea with its warm and mellow glow, along with drinks on their deck.

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